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All over the world countless people are seen going for a number of plastic and cosmetic surgeries for the functional and aesthetic reasons.  The global patients coming from far and abroad these days have India to be among the most preferred location are seen looking India for cosmetic procedures. They have made India the hub for Medical tourism for plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures. Thank to the high quality and affordable plastic surgery and treatment option that can cost not less than 25 percent of the costs found in the western countries apart from not getting any waiting period for plastic surgery here. Thanks to the high quality doctors like Dr. Milind Wagh Plastic surgeon that give all reasons to choose the best plastic surgeon in India. Time to check the reason why you need to choose the plastic surgeon Mumbai as under:

Understanding Plastic Surgery

The term plastic surgery refers to the medical specialty that deals with correcting and modifying, altering or restoring the body parts or the functions of the same. The very purpose of the cosmetic procedure is to remove or reduce the cosmetic defects and shortcomings along with the alternation and restoration and functions of the same. And if you have Best Plastic Surgeon in India like Dr. Milind Wagh Plastic surgeon you are not required to worry about the same. As you very well, know the fact that you would get nothing but the best in India under the head of plastic surgery. There are various forms of plastic surgeries that are counted for carrying out the surgery seeking the help of plastic surgeon Mumbai.

Why choose Dr. Milind Wagh Plastic Surgeon

As we look at the Dr. Milind Wagh Plastic surgeon he is regarded as the top and best name in Plastic Surgeon Mumbai. He is regarded as the most experienced and competitive surgeon in plastic and cosmetic surgeries having more than 17 years of experience. He carries out a wide range of surgeries including the face lifts, the ear shaping, Rhinoplasty and other facial plastic surgeries to the body and breast contouring surgeries. He is seen specializing in body sculpting procedures like surgical facial rejuvenation and breast reshaping procedures.

In terms of qualification he has his masters in general surgery followed by his masters in plastic surgery. He is known to carry out a number of plastic surgeries including hair transplant, liposuction, tummy tuck, correction of male breast, the breast lift or reduction surgery and slew of other plastic surgeries. In terms of expertise and experience, Dr. Milind Wagh Plastic surgeon is known for the following procedures:

Reconstructive hand and microsurgery and trauma reconstruction like free tissue transfers, replantations, functional reconstruction, aesthetic surgeries, functional reconstructions after burns of hands and extremity deformities, complex post traumatic procedures, aesthetic reconstructive options, tendon transfer and complex plastic procedures to name a few.

Aesthetic plastic surgery- As we look in this field, the Dr. Milind Wagh Plastic surgeon who is also a known Plastic Surgeon Mumbai carries out a slew of procedures like breast augmentation, body contorting, eyelid correction, blepharoplasty, soft tissue filling procedures, breast correction, ear reconstruction, non-surgical facial rejuvenation and so on.

Plastic Surgery in India

The plastic surgery in India has become the key attraction for global patients coming far and wide. They know they have an easy access to the best plastic surgeon Mumbai like Dr. Milind Wagh Plastic surgeon and top cosmetic hospitals that leave no stone unturned to keep things flourishing for the patients. interestingly we know how the prices for plastic surgery in India is so less that comes to around one eight of the total cost one can incur over the developed nations like the US or the UK.
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Sylvia Grayson
17 September 2016 at 03:08 ×

The best plastic surgeons of India are really safe and successful for cosmetic surgeries?

Sylvia from Australia

Arnold Reiser
27 September 2016 at 09:24 ×

Hi there, this is Arnold Reiser from Kyrgyzstan. I was in India for my medical ailment, which was cured by one of the better doctors in the Indian hospital. My spouse and i must confess, India is a great land with top quality hospitals having highly competitive doctors and surgeons. The procedure I received from the doctor for my plastic surgery was stunning. I specially thanks for Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India group.

18 October 2016 at 22:05 ×

Hello, I am from Canada, I would like to have a tummy tuck, did you have that surgery, how are the scar, thanks

29 April 2017 at 05:53 ×

How do I contact the surgeon please